Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alright so Ive (17f)got this guy friend (17m)and we’ve been hanging out a lot recently since my ex and I split. We’ve been good friends for a while but we’ve started getting a lot closer, he’s started taking me to all sort of family events, everyone thinks we’re dating, we kissed at this party back in January but he’s really religious. The kind of religious where fooling around is an extreme no no, so I didn’t think it would go anywhere. But then the other night I got invited to this party with a bunch of people I didn’t know very well so I dragged him along. It was like he was a whole new person, little touches and sexy winking jokes. By the time it was two in the morning I was so fucking horny I practically dragged him off to one of the empty bedrooms, telling everyone else we had to leave early the next day and needed to sleep. We climbed into the bed and next thing you know my bra’s off and he’s grabbing my boobs over my tank top (I’m a 34G #hugeasstits) and then we rolled over so hes spooning me and biting my shoulder and rubbing his hard cock on my ass. So his hands slide under onto my bare breasts and hes rubbing and pinching, and it feels so damn good that im practically moaning. When these two other girls walk in and say they want to sleep in the room too. We pulled the blankets up and waited a couple of minutes, well he waited. I was impatiently undressing under the blankets. So after we’re pretty sure they’ve gone to sleep I wrap my hands in his hair and pull and tug on it while he buries his face in my chest and bites and sucks on my nipples until I start kissing him madly and slide my hand in his pants to grope his ass (ive got a bit of a butt thing) and then I roll on top of him and start thrusting like mad while kissing the hell out of him. And he’s so hard it feels incredible even through his pajama pants. So I go for the hand job and he lets me rub it a little bit over his pants before saying that he doesn’t want to take it that far yet (he really is the most upright decent guy which sometimes isn’t all that fun since im a fuck me now fuck me hard type of girl) and of course im going to respect that but im a little put out so I start tracing my fingertips around his stomach and across the band on his boxer-briefs and all over his hipbones until hes so close to cuming that hes shaking. But then he asked me to stop so I did (ugh!!!!) and we just cuddled and he felt me up a little bit until we went to sleep. I know its not that far but it’s a big deal cause hes normally so not into that kind of stuff (like im the only girl hes ever even kissed) anyway, I hope it happens again. Scratch that, its going to happen again, I just cant wait until he lets me rock his flippin world ;)

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