Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So if you say you love her.. Why would you even bother letting her sleep with guys? Do whatever she wants in a negative way.. You are just simply shallow. 
  You prove that you don’t even give a single fuck about her. Don’t bother, telling her how you feel, playing all bull shit around her feelings because boy please, you don’t even FUCKING CARE. I bet not once in your life, you even cared about her, but YOURSELF. It’s unfortunate to see girls having their heart breaks because of their boyfriends cheating on them or ignoring them or just simply thinking their girlfriends don’t even EXIST. 
Don’t get me wrong, but what I’m saying is truth and nothing but pure truth. We all have those days, where our idiot boyfriends are out somewhere and we can’t help but think how immature and stupid they are for flirting with another girl when they have a GIRLFRIEND. Bitch, please.
I think we need a disinfectant spray or a Bitch spray be-gone. When a guy tells his friends or someone else or even his own girl; “ I don’t care if you sleep with other guys..” THAT’S NOT LOVE AT ALL ! That’s called, being immature and dumb.. boys, you know better. Okay, some guys are just plain assholes and retards.. just saying.. but at the end of the day, who’s getting the Karma? of course, YOU in the end. 

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