Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Late Night Thoughts - Numb
Too many things to do, so little time 
Too busy being distracted by nothing, just boggled within my mind
Life just passes as I sit still 
Too paralyzed to do something about it or have enough will 
Some people say I’m too lazy, others say I’m depressed 
But I realized I’m just too numb, too tired to cope with stress 
So I disengaged with my reality, decided to live in a dream 
Where consequences are only what I make them to seem 
In a garden I’m swinging back and fourth on a swing with flowered vines 
Watching the sunset paint beautiful colors across my skies 
No feelings, no stress, just pure beauty
Until I open my eyes and realize I actually have to attend to my duties 
Too numb too weak to attend to them 
To find my strength, get back to reality is my conclusion

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