Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walking the plank
Walking the plank with our hands tied behind our back with ropes made out of high hopes. 
Hoping for the best and crossing our fingers, 
hoping that the sharks swimming below waiting for our fall 
will not smell the scent of our blood boiling beneath our skin. 
We’re jumping into the water, willingly. 
With a mind set on believing that everything is possible. 
With wishful thinking that faith shall grant us this hall pass. 
Because we really need it.
As we fall and break the waves we juice our eyeballs tightly together waiting for that fatal attack on this mission. 
Because let’s face it, we were never the lucky ones.
Yet deep within our set minds we see our soul on its begging knees 
fighting for the possibility of survival. 
For what is usually expected may not really happen, 
Like if we jump into waters full of sharks there is a possibility that none shall bite.
Even if facts state the opposite of what the outcome should be.
We should never enter a mission without high expectations.
And always fighting for the odds in our favour. 

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