Thursday, May 15, 2014

Listen, Conchita IS NOT a trans woman
I’m really happy that Conchita Wurst has won Eurovision and I don’t care about people who hate her. I love drag queens, I love her and she’s beautiful. I got used to homophobes and bigots and their comments on Conchita don’t make me angry or sad. However, I’ve seen comments written by ‘allies’ who think she’s a trans woman and I just… ugh I just can’t.
Conchita Wurst is not a trans woman, she has nothing to do with trans issues. We refer to her as “she” because she’s in drag and presents herself as a bearded female on stage. Privately, Conchita doesn’t exist. It’s exactly what drag queens do for a living, most of them, however, don’t wear beards. From all I know, she decided to wear beard because without it she looked just like a woman, and drag queens should be more “exaggerated”. 
Privately Conchita is a cis gay man, Tom Neuwirth, and saying he identifies privately as woman is misgendering.
I don’t think people get what drag queen actually is or maybe it’s that beard which makes people confused? Or naturally feminine face of Tom? Even without make up he looks kinda like a girl. Anyway, fucking nice to see how whole world talks about Conchita and now gender specials spread misinformation, this time internationally for everybody, not just for Tumblr community. Congratulations.

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