Thursday, May 8, 2014

Me, Sister and Mom No.1
(Helping my sister to decide what to wear)
Me: I think the white one I chose suits amazingly those leggings
Sister: are you sure?
Me: yeah, of course!!! But if you want I can ask mom so she picks the opposite one
(Going living room)
Me: Mom. What do you think, the blue and white stripes one, the blue one or the one you last saw on her?
Mom: oh! I so love that green Abercrombie you are wearing, I would say this one.
Me: …
Me: do you realize we were talking about my sister?
Mom: oh… Yes… Emm… The one you chose.
(I go back to my sister’s room)
Sister: what did she said?

Me: the one I’m wearing
Sister: yeah, So I’ll go with the one you chose. I heard, since she is watching her tv program I knew she wouldn’t give a fuck.

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