Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Break Me

Ever feel like what you’ve done is never enough??
You lay awake in your bed
wondering if things will ever change
in spite of the fact that everything’s torn.
It’s going black
And in your heart it seems like you just hit a steel track.

There’s no way out of this black hole that’s engulfing you.
Pulling you down
till it feels like the whole world’s crashing on your shoulders.
You can’t take it no more,
you’re about to break.
Aching for that remedy,
for that piece of cake.
Brokenness destroys you down to the last straw,
and as the tears flow down your cheeks,
you pound your firsts hard against the wall.

Don’t care if they’re bleeding,
cracked and bruised.
You’re just sick of being confused,
beat up,
and used.

This isn’t the way life is suppose to be.
You hold onto your side, walk into your room,
collapse on the floor and your head starts to zoom.
Lungs shield over with an icy frost,
suffocating inside,
and you think all is lost.

You feel this hatred start to boil towards everyone and yourself.
You try to contain that monster,
to keep it from growing,
but the more you do that,

the more it starts showing. 

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