Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why do i play videogames so much?
Many people think that i play videogames just because it’s a hobby, and other people think that is a vice, but this have another deep reason, it’s because, it helps me to not be sad and thoughtful all the time, because if i don’t play them, then i start to think about the reality of my life and other stuff that make me feel sad, things like:
-Why i don’t have a job?
-What i’m going to do once that i finish the english course?
-Does it worth work in a call center? 
-If i work in another one it will be as hard as in Bilateral?
-Will i resist this work?
-Sometimes i feel that i waste my time when i don’t do anything, and i’m afraid of not see my partners on the next semester…
I try to avoid think about this and other stuff playing videogames, it’s not just a hobby, is the fourth thing that makes me happy…

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