Thursday, May 8, 2014

Say whatever you want, say that Shishio was confused or scared for both Suzume and him and about what’ll happen with them if they found out their relationship. But what he did… I’m sorry I can’t bring myself to forgive him. If he was that scared about their relation, couldn’t it have been more easier to say ” I love you, but this is too dangerous or bad, let’s wait al least until you graduate if you are willing to wait for me”. Was it that hard to be honest? And now that Suzume has the chance to move on it’s the time he says what he really wants? 
He’s not a goddamn child anymore, he should know how much he hurt her and about the feelings of Mamura and all the hard work he did just to get her to feel the way he feels. 
I love sensei, but all of this, his actions and his selfishness gets on my nerves. I can’t stand it.
Mamura has always been honest, always standing beside her. I now has a chance, and I do not intend to accept Shishio getting in the way.
Say whatever you want. Love him and accept him if thats what makes you happy. But don’t force other people to do it.
I’m just saying.

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