Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In our hearts we know what she/he is doing is wrong. So we talk ill of them,make them feel wrong for their doings,shoot them down and call them names like “slut” or “whore”. Doing this we,without knowing it are creating bad karma for ourselves. We call others these names because our personal morals are different from theirs. They sleep with the women,the women are “used for sex”, they’re a womanizer and a disgust. We ourselves would never stoop to that low,so we cut them down. They continue to do these things because in their eyes,what they’re doing isn’t wrong and now they feel like they’re worthless and that’s all they’re good for. We become the bullies we preach about not being. We become those who were called “mean girls” from that movie. Like Regina George,we become a society filled with judgmental people putting others down creating this standard that people who have the same build and structure as us are beneath us. Like we are a better race making us,worse than them. We are the creation of our own demise. We become the disgust we call those we put to shame.
— Unknown.

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