Thursday, May 8, 2014

Don't Let me Go || Rirry
Harry has officially had his heart ripped from his chest and whacked a couple times with a handbag. For a couple moments Harry couldn’t even bring himself to breathe. It was like the weight of the entire world fell down on him, cutting of his oxygen supply until he sucked in a much needed breath and screamed. He screamed in frustration, in anger, in sadness, and in pain until he couldn’t anymore. He’d been so stupid, such a goddamn idiot and now there was nothing he could do and she was gone officially from his life. 
After standing there for a good five minutes he takes a step forward to leave, to go back into his dorm and take a hot shower and just not move for a long time because why would he want to. As if everything hated him he trips and almost falls face first onto the concrete. His gaze traveled down to his feet which were tangled slightly in Rita’s purse. He sighed and untangled his foot from the handle and brushed the contents of which he had spilled back into the bag. His hand wrapped around her phone as he stood up, about to toss it back into the bag with her other things when it lit up and Harry almost wanted to throw it against the floor. Her wallpaper was a picture of them Harry was highly convinced that it wasn’t okay. Not now. 
He dropped the phone down into her purse, figuring he’d ask someone to give it to her later. Or he’d leave it hanging on her door knob when he knew she was gone. Either way she’d get it back without having to see him. He trudged silently from his spot, the rain not relenting one bit and Harry could almost hear god laughing at him. He pushed open the door and climbed the stairs to his dorm floor before shoving open the door and dropping her purse by the door. Once it was shut behind him he walked right into the bathroom, ignoring Liam’s questioning. Once he’s showered and in dry clothes he walked out of the bathroom and flopped right on his bed face first. “Liam, do me a favour and tell me I’m the biggest asshole on the face of the planet,” Harry muttered into his pillow, tears thick in his throat. “You’re the biggest asshole on the face of the planet,” Liam doesn’t hesitate to say. “I know.”

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