Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ghost Photographed at a Demi Lovato Concert?
It’s time once again for the world of ghouls and other-worldly beings to crossover with the world of gossip and scandals. That’s right, it’s time for more paranormal celebrity news! This time, the news is centered around the immensely popular singer, Demi Lovato. At one of her recent shows in Brazil, someone snapped a photograph that seems to show a ghostly apparition with no pupils standing behind the singing megastar. The photo was posted to twitter on May 4th, 2014. Lovato is a known paranormal enthusiast. In July of 2013, Demi told BuzzFeed (scroll down the page to the 15th point) that she ghost hunts and says that her Texas home is “ridiculously haunted”.
She tells a story of how one of her friends, named Tucker, came over to her house to watch a movie. She told him that the house was haunted. “Yeah, just watch.” She told Tucker. “Something will happen. Something always happens.” As they were watching the movie, a laptop in her kitchen mysteriously turned on and began to play a movie. Tucker apparently then texted a friend “I think this house is haunted, a movie just turned on by itself.”. Then there was a “glitch” in his phone and it mysteriously began texting him back the word “definitely” over and over. He relieved about 30 texts in total. Lovato believes the house his haunted by a little 11-12 year-old ghost girl named Emily. Ghost hunters and a medium both told her that was the name of the spirit living in her home. When she was 3 years-old, Demi was apparently caught by her mother speaking to something by herself. When asked who she was talking to, Demi said she was talking to “My best friend Emily.”
Well, there’s no doubt that the photo looks creepy, but that doesn’t mean this is a real ghost. First off, we have to remember that this photo was taken at a concert, where there’s a ton of people present both on stage and backstage. It’s hard to tell where exactly this photo was taken, but it doesn’t looks like she’s on stage performing when this photo was taken. So it’s possible that this was just a person who was backstage. Also, the photo looks like it was taken with a cellphone. If someone was standing off in a more dark area, then they might not stand out that much in a photo which could then make them look like a spirit. It’s also a possibility that this ghost was Photoshopped into the picture. While the ghost is creepy, I personally think that the picture was Photoshopped, but that’s just my opinion. What do you think though? Was a real ghost actually photographed at a Demi Lovato concert? Could it have been someone who was backstage or was this picture Photoshopped?
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