Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Here’s a little info:
Gandhi is on our currency notes but he was racist. Yeah we got our freedom from the British and a great principle of non-violence but the comments he made about black people will make you squirm with disgust. So he was not a Mahatma according to me, please.
Mother Teresa was terrible. Don’t think of her as this wonderful selfless being judging on her quotes flying around on tumblr. She’s known for her work in India but let me tell you, some of us Indians aren’t very fond of her, some Indian feminists almost hate her. That woman was no different from any western country trying to “salvage” a third world country and spread Catholicism by converting Hindus. Her work wasn’t about curing ill people, she had a house of the dying where patients got nothing more than aspirins. Many people could have been saved if they were given proper medication, but this angry woman did not allow others to help. A 15 year old boy was killed because she wanted him to get close to Jesus, but wait, he was a Hindu. A 15 YEAR OLD BOY DIED BECAUSE THIS WOMAN WAS A FREAKING PSYCHO OBSESSED WITH SEEING PEOPLE SUFFER. She was never a friend of the poor, she liked poverty. She got enlightenment seeing poor people, she never wanted the poor to be empowered, she never wanted poor women to become stronger, because “in suffering she found Jesus”. No effs given about the fact that most of them didn’t even believe in Jesus, they were Hindus whom she converted at the time of their death may be or may not with their consent. Her donations came from criminals and other folks who went to jail later and those idiots gained the money from robbing Haitians. A very very small amount of that money was used in Calcutta, the rest flew to Vatican. The most sickening bit - y’all know how she was with women who were strong and intelligent enough to make their own choices, yeah she said abortion was the greatest evil or something. Well fine, live in your shell but damn, after the Indo-Pak war, in the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, it is said that almost 450000 women were systematically raped. To their abortions, this holy lady said “it is murder, whatever may be the reason”. Fuck. BUT WAIT FOR IT. In the Bhopal gas tragedy, look it up - it was caused by negligence and thousands of people died because some foreign dude forgot to switch off a damn poisonous gas machine, people of India were enraged, and the white and blue clad personification of love and purity said “forgive”. Wow. When a western power can cause death due to THEIR LAZY ASSES, forgiveness is the key but when women are sexually assaulted and impregnated by the fucking monstrous rapists, they are murderers to choose to not carry the child which would potentially ruin their lives?! If y’all want to call this hooligan a saint, please think again. Such a prick, and we have to learn about her being this great identity like fuck she was, she was a horrible person.
That’s what I know because I am Indian and y’all love these two without know anything about them . Gandhi was great but he was not saintly, he was racist. Anjeze was just awful.

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