Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yep, I know, I know
I have been inactive for the past few days, only telling you some of the shitty things I’ve been in. But you have to know that nothing has been so interesting lately.
But it doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying my job. In fact, I’M LOVING IT! More than anything in the world. Maybe it’s just that, I was expecting for an even busier work, that I got myself ready for it. And it’s just sad to say that for the past two days I’ve been here, it’s like I haven’t been so productive.
I want to be busy, I want to feel that kind of pressure. Maybe I’ll enjoy more in that kind of environment, not just bumming around, waiting for the clock to strike five. ANYHOOOOW, I enjoy the company of the people around me. They are very approachable, very friendly, very light and casual. Maybe it’s just me— because I just want more things to do. Maybe it’s just me, wanting to experience the kind of stress that everyone’s talking about in the office.
I’m not literally bumming around. Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to learn about this craft. I’m not staring at my laptop doing nothing either since I have to honestly say that I’ve been quick in doing what’s assigned to me. In fact, last Monday (which happened to be my first day) I was assigned to writer a 500-word feature article for Philips in preparation for Mother’s day (I hope that it will come out of the newspaper soon). And after that, I was just tasked to read a lot of feature article samples so I could sharpen my ability to work on it.
The next day, I had a writing exercise, and I’m all set. I busied myself with a lot of feature writing pros and cons and viola. I am ready to go.
Maybe it’s just that the Clean and Clear event had just taken place, and everyone who were involved in that event were now cooling down in preparation for another stressful journey. And I guess, I have to prepare myself for that also.
Nevertheless, I know that I will be busy today since we (the writers) discussed our activities for today.
Till then.

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