Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Darling I have lost the maze have collapsed inside
You have seen have set sail have
Black pebbles floating into clear water cold
Sinking to the bottom reflecting bent light dancing
I love the world beautiful images your shoulder line hip down
Pack everything unpunctuate create new terms redefine cocky
Leave leave leave leave leave
Collection of atoms willful talking this year saying 
Love molecules love neurons love electrons protons cyber matrix fuel cells god soil bits pieces gathering making you
Us making love making love willful proton electron sigh sweat
Tremor expansion wrap cover laugh breath against sternum
Tell want grip clasp universe making universe multi quantum
All points short circuit poems by Breton by Gide recite love
Slow twist cover over your shoulder smirk you know
There god leave enter return recover sweat leave carry
Carry carry carry expand love carry vessel each other
Leave leave leave leave leave

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