Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Difference between self-love and self-lust is the way we look at ourselves. According to the dictionary, the main difference in the words used to describe both is based on intensity and devotion. Loving comes from the heart and is the center of our long-term happiness; however, lusting comes from the head (you choose) and is mostly short-term ecstasy. When talking with people about self-love, the difference becomes so evident it is almost embarrassing. It is not difficult to divide the lovers and the lusters.
The self-lusters will have an extremely high opinion of their self-worth. There is no question in their mind who is the greatest. The sun rises and sets in their shadow. The ego sits on a pedestal that receives praise and honor every minute of the day. The only song we sang in choir that comes close to describing this person is, “How Great “I” Art.” At one point in their life, there will be an earthquake and the pedestal will tumble down along with the ego. With this said, the majority will be alone because of the bridges that were burnt in the past.
The self-lovers will have a good opinion of themselves; however, it is not all about them being great. They acknowledge that it took others to get them there. They have a sense of tenderness in their manner of being with people. It has already been determined that it was not only their efforts to get where they are but also the effort of others. Yes, they look themselves in the mirror every day but the image is that of kindness, giving, receiving, and caring for not only that person staring back but also everyone else in their life.
At times, people do not even know which they are. Those conscious of it will always just smile and feel down deep that they love not only themselves, but also everyone around them. The others have no clue as to who is even in the room with them, nor do they care. The only thing that occupies their mind is how these minions can help them. If it is determined that no one can, an early departure is in order.
Find that self-love inside and nurture it. Let it blossom into a thing of beauty. If we have to question which fits our life, simply ask someone who is brutally honest. The answer is either going to please us or disappoint us or, in some cases, disbelief. The probability of this reality check changing anyone is slim, but there is that slight chance. Time is always on our side, so take the road of love. We are all happier for it.

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