Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Girly moment
  • <b></b> Being engaged and living together is so much more then anyone could have explained to me. I feel profoundly blessed! I said a prayer & it came true. I asked for a true love, the love of a man I'd known since we were children, & that it would survive whatever got thrown our way. C.B has changed me for the better, shown me a different way of living. Love is real. Prayers get answered, Be patient! Till that moment love you, work & prepare yourself. Relationships aren't easy. Living together is even harder. Know who you are & what you need....not just what you want out of a partner. Life for me has finally come full circle I get what now all the b.s I had to go through was for. The pain, losers ex's, bad choices, betrayal, & abandonment. God was molding me to be the best me, & preparing me for C.B ♥♥<p>

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