Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Strike Me, Zeus!
A bolt of lightning hits
And a roar of thunder
Shakes the earth under
My feet
Like an earthquake, dizzy;
Every footstep I take
Is followed by threats
And screams, chaos
Of an angry god
I say,
Strike me!
Strike me!
But he misses by a second
And every instant is
A reminder of every moment
Ive lost my sanity;
Ive told seemingly harmless
Lies and ive written 
Seemingly genuine realities
But my unintentional
Arrogance is too
And I repent all I’ve done
In the name of virtue 
And knowledge
For malice was never my
I say,
Strike me!
Strike me!
But zeus knows
My torment is not living in fear
Of being sizzled alive
For it is what I painfully desire;
My punishment is
Living on as I bear the
Inescapable scars of late nights
Trying to decifer an
Ultimate truth
But I pull the trigger and miss
Because I hold within me 
A hidden truth all humans contain;
I live in a sub-reality
In which it is but fate
To suffer the beauty of existence
He says,
Live on!
Live on!

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