Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Humans are the worst shyte that ever happened. Life itself, biologically speaking, is a disgrace, an unfortunate gathering of molecules and its only purpose is to prevail and generate more of the same scum. Humans are the most developed form of known life, thus, the worst. Everything was clean and harmonious until life surged. Everything related to humans and life in general is pointless since this is a tiny isolated life-infected planet, part of an insignificant galaxy wandering in eternal vacuum. To most humans’ undeveloped mind life is considered sacred and a ’blessing’. There are even organizations destined just to trying to promote its preservation or to stop the extermination of it. In reality, life surged and will be extinguished in this isolated, insignificant planet just to return to the original state of inert matter, driven only by physics, in what will be just a mere instant in the time of existence.

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