Monday, May 5, 2014

I still can’t believe I’m graduating next Friday (16th)…the finale is near, I get stoked but then im bummed, repeating itself all day, and its gonna be stuck in my mind until its over, its the worst feelings to have when their turning off n on like that, but when its over I can finally start to travel n own alittle piece of property and relax n finally do something I love and be with my love, I will always love my school and the community that’s with it and I’ll deff visit and go the sporting events, I will always be a Hokie, now back to keeping my mind off this..more tumblr time..
P.S. I will never grow up, Im still going to be a kid at heart and I’ll still do stupid shit on occasions and have fun doing it and that’s how it should be for everyone

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