Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LOL my mom has a way of making me feel guilty about everything. I’m sorry that I said rude things to my sister because she called me stupid and almost made me want to kill myself. I’m sorry that I didn’t consider how she’s feeling because she’s fighting with her bf clearly that’s more important than my mental health. 
Yes mom I said mean things to her but remember she said mean things to me as well. Who the fuck tells their own sister to go kill herself and then calls her stupid and an attention seeker and then tells her she doesn’t appreciate anything and she she’s a spoiled brat. 
I’m sorry mother that I’m making my sjster’s life so fucking miserable and adding onto her problems because I’m mentally Ill. I’m sorry that I “chose” to be this way.
FUCK FAMILY I’m outta here
she can fucking ignore me all she wants idc. Don’t fucking talk to me I tried being the bigger person today I tried saying hello but she ignored me so fuck you. Always making me so fucking sad. And you’re so fucking stupid. Every person I date, you have a problem with not because of their personality or whatever but because THEYRE ALWAYS GIRLS. My sjster’s bf can be rude sometimes but u don’t care about that you’re just happy cuz he’s a fucking guy. But whenever u meet someone I’m dating you’re quick to criticize her everything about her and tell me she’s such a bad influence on me, but no that never happens with whoever my sister is dating. You said you would try you said you would fucking try but you’re not even trying. Are you even happy for me whenever I find someone who makes me happy or are you just hoping it doesn’t work out so I can be with a fucking guy. Jesus Christ mom. Everything you said about “if you’re with someone who makes u happy it makes me happy” is bullshit that means nothing to you unless the person I’m dating is a guy. Fucking hellhole Jesus Christ I’m so done.

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