Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sometimes Change Is Good
When I first got to Charlotte, I was ecstatic. Can you hear the joy in my voice? Right. Because my perception of Charlotte has changed.
I was happy because I was out of the house and finding out what it was that I liked to do. I didn’t want to be in college anymore because I hated going to classes and learning stuff that I would never need (same as high school). And I hated the professors who never gave a shit, tried to be equally cool with the students, and were only available on their terms and never understanding of other students’ schedules. So, coming to Charlotte pursuing the Esthiology career seemed like breath of fresh air to me.
My roommates for instance. I didn’t immediately fall in love with them like I did my college roommates. Yes, I picked out my roommates then except one, and that one and I have become the best of friends. These set of roommates were different and I have a good discerning spirit and definitely knew we all wouldn’t click or be tight.
The school I attended, the Aveda Institute, was something I should’ve reconsidered. The school was ok. The girls (and I use “girls” because they acted like children) were catty and every second and stayed in each other’s business for no reason. You’d expect a lot more better sense out of 30+ year old women. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, and it was doing a number on my soul. I literally dreaded every morning I had to attend class and wanted to shoot everyone, minus this one lady.
After graduation, I despised my job because I was only getting a few hours and I was struggling to pay for gas, food, my cell phone bill and also my part of the rent. No one was hiring me. Employers were being snooty for no reason. People weren’t giving and seemingly didn’t believe in opportunities. Something needed to give and I felt like the situations that led up to me leave happened for a reason, and I’m especially thankful for that.
When I left for Nashville, I didn’t know what to expect. I was tired. I drove 6+ hours around mountains to get to my new start and I almost was at the point to say, “Screw it.” I had the same mind set that I did as when I got to any other new place: find a job, get myself together, and get on with my life. Upon the next day of arrival, I met my guy’s roommates. One of his roommates, Gavin, told me that he worked at Forever 21 and said that he could help me get a job there. Within the week I was there, I got hired. I wasn’t satisfied, and I knew that retail in clothing could not be the answer to help get me on my way out of my dude’s house. So, I began job searching on the internet, but as always I got distracted and started looking at furniture on Ethan Allen’s website. Something clicked and told me to look at the job opportunities. I did and to my surprise there was a job opening in the Nashville area, so I clicked on it. I read the description and figured I’d just apply anyway. I applied Sunday night. I got a call Monday.
Tuesday I had an interview. (more on how I aced the interview later)
Saturday I got hired for a full-time position at Ethan Allen. 
I can honestly say I’ve never been  happier and I really love the pace here in Nashville. It smells much cleaner than Charlotte and I feel like I can be myself here and engage in the things that I truly enjoy. 
Sometimes, change is good because it allows you to discover growth that you never would’ve imagined if you were still stuck in one place. Change allows you to connect with yourself more. It allows to to see yourself in a different light and you get to figure out who you really are. Change is refreshing. It’s like that tall glass of iced water and lemon on a mildly humid and windy day in the South. 
My head is clear and I’m starting to have less worries about things that are out of my control and reach. More headaches because I’m not eating as much. But, it’s because I’m focused on trying to make a better living for myself rather than worrying about feeding myself. 
Get out and go to a place that’s unfamiliar. Life is really short, however, it’s not too late to start exploring and to leave what’s holding you back, behind. 

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