Monday, March 31, 2014

What do You see?
I weep for this world 
With tears in my eyes 
Watching helplessly 
As it slowly dies 

I see the loss of lives 
The loss of land 
And deals that end 
Shaking the devil’s hand 

I see good people 
Living in pain 
The peaceful and innocent 
Going insane 

I see our rights and freedom 
Being taken away 
And people being punished 
For what they might say 

I see war affecting those 
Who don’t wish to fight 
And some who do 
Vanish out of sight 

I see people stealing 
Just to get by 
While others steal 
So they can get high 

I see people 
Who are hired for protection 
Use their jobs 
For sin and deception 

I see the world plagued 
By the seven deadly sins 
And now I see 
This is where the end begins 

The despair and anger 
Burns inside of me 
The manifestation 
Of absolute misery 

I see no light 
No ray of hope 
Nowhere to hide 
No way to cope 

I see no reason 
To continue this strife 
I see no reason 
To continue with life 

For every battle won 
There’s another to be fought 
Which gives me 
One final thought 

As long as we’re at war 
We’ll never truly be free 
Look through my eyes 
Maybe you’ll see what I see

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