Sunday, March 23, 2014

This is for the people who stick around toxic friendships because they know what being lonely really is. You have been misunderstood, mistaken for, ignored, unappreciated, unnoticed, and unremarked. You are the people who can’t stand to leave anyone alone because you don’t wish anyone to go through the things that you have been calling everyday life. You have clawed your way out of the chasm tooth and nail and finally tasted the sweet air of what you have been yearning for. And you see one of your own teetering at the very edge of the chasm you fought your way out of. You try to pull them back towards you no matter how hard they knock you back. They might hurt you. They might scar you. But you don’t give up because you know that no person deserves life in that deep chasm. One day that person might just fall into that chasm. You blame yourself for not trying enough, You spend all of your time with that person. You send for help. You stand guard of the very place you feared to be again. Some day, you might even jump into the chasm just to save that someone who fell into the cracks. You fight, push, pull, and force that person back up outside to where you both once were. 
Then they might make it. They might appreciate you all the more. They might love you a fraction of the love you showed them.
They might move on, Thank you, and move far and away from that cliff. And then you realize, there are so many people who are balancing on a tightrope that hangs precariously over the canyon. You are afraid, For them. For you. For people that will find their way to this place again. 
So you stand there. You face your fears each and everyday. Because as long as one less person falls into that precipice of sorrow and loneliness, all of that will one day be worth it.
This is for the brave sons and daughters who to this day stand guard at the brink of that cliff of loneliness, depression, and suicide. I am proud to say that people like you exist from all parts of life. I am proud to say that many people owe you their lives. 
I am prouder to say that I and many others would happily jump into that abyss to bring you and your loved ones back.
Thank you.

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