Sunday, March 23, 2014

My take on depression
(This is my take. I understand that not everyone’s views are the same.)
Depression is strange. It’s like a big crack in the earth, like the Grand Canyon. In my head, people who have or had depression are walking paths around the canyon. Perhaps a well worn path took by many people. Or their own path. Some people will be closer the the cavern than others.
One person may be walking away from the canyon. Simply trying to get as far from it as possible. Another might be getting closer and closer to it with every step. Some people, like me, are walking along the edge and having the rock crumble under our feet every so often. Others may have slipped and are falling. Some may have crashed at the bottom. There might be one person at the bottom, staring desperately at the sky and wishing for a way up. Someone else is climbing back up on their own. The rest are being helped back up or being lead away from the edge by those who care. Whether it be friends, family, proffesionals or strangers. 
I can only hope that as I walk my path that I can help as many people as I can. And in return, I hope that, if I ever fall, there will be someone there to help me.

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