Friday, March 21, 2014

My best friend in my university program is a dude who’s about 26. I have massive respect for this guy — he’s crazy smart, crazy talented and is one of those people who aggressively has his shit together and is going places. A lot of people in my program are sort of intimidated by him because he’s quite a bit older than most of us, but over the last two years we’ve worked together a lot and I’ve gotten to know him really well.
But anyway, today this guy told me that his girlfriend is pregnant. He had a bit of a freakout because the baby wasn’t planned, but it’s not too bad — they’ve been together for years and can totally handle it. I’ve met her a couple times and she’s a sweetie. 
But the huge thing is that I was the first person he told. I am fucking honoured that this guy thinks that highly of me. Like, you know that feeling where you want someone to think you’re awesome, because you think they’re awesome? That’s pretty much how it is with him. He’s going to make a fantastic dad and I’m really happy for him.

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