Saturday, March 22, 2014

i had such an interesting dream last night ok i was like, a king in a big castle but it was old, and always dark, for some reason it was always snowy and at night. I don’t remember much action in the plot but my niece was living in the castle and she was still a kid and we had some sort of bond. and people always stood outside my main workroom because no one was allowed inside but they all wore sandals because that was part of the uniform or something so every time i left my office i’d meet a messenger with a note and i’d say “you know you can wear warmer shoes, right?” and theyd just kind of smile sadly and leave. and my niece was a princess because i was a king i guess so when she waited outside i told her she should be wearing warmer shoes too and she was the only one who did. so anyway one night i left my office and went into the adjacent castle which was completely empty and dead, like a ruin, and it was nighttime and i walked in and saw a bunch of girls who were going to some princess sleepoever i think. and i tried to find my niece but all i found was a series of clues that led me to a room with a little snowfort inside, flags and everything. this had some reason to it from earlier in the dream but i can’t remember, only that i had never been able to see it. there was one sign with an arrow, taped with masking tape to part of the snow fort (don’t ask me how that works) and it said “SEE [insert name of moon here, i can’t remember it], DIRECTLY ABOVE 3 STARS STRAIGHT AHEAD” and this was very important bc id never seen this moon before and it was really important and i was so touched to finally see it and then i woke up. i wish i remembered more of this dream, it was so interesting
i had another dream where everyone was a zombie but not the stereotypical kind we were all just like regular ppl just a little paler with more dilated pupils except like half of all zombies were evil. so my mom and sister were good zombies and my dad was a bad one so he bit (i dont think zombies bite but w/e) me and i was a bad zombie so he was like “kill this person” and i was like “all right sir” so i just. killed my friend but the dream didnt show that and then i wheelbarrowed her with some friends to this big mansion and when we entered there were two guards and they looked at us, took in the sight of 3 teenage girls pushing a wheelbarrow with a person in it, and just let us through. and then there was a portrait on the wall of one of the guards, and i looked at the girl (this was someone i knew) and i jsut burst into tears because how could i kill anyone,a nd how could i have killed one of my friends what was wrong with me. but then before my eyes she jsut like, sAT UP out of the wheelbarrow and was like “hey guys whats up” and she and my other friends decided to go shopping or something and i followed behind and i realized since she had already been undead killing her hadn’t had much of an impact and then i woke up

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