Friday, March 21, 2014

Update on my life
If things go the right way in about 2 months I will have a dog. She’s a little Chihuahua mix. I’ve named her Persephone. Let’s hope I get this job or I can’t keep her. Stupid apartment building rules.
So I’m applying for the same job Daddy has so that we can have some extra spending money. Orientation is next Thursday and I’m going to take my work keys and key train tests before that. Wish me luck. With this job my tumblr time will be limited but shouldn’t stop. I will try to blog before and after work. And I will blog for sure on weekends.
Since I babysat my brother while my mom got to go to a ZZ Ward concert, she is paying me $25 on the 1st of April and with that money I’m going to dye my hair Merida colors. You know that glorious red and orange, I’m going to do that.
When I was born my mother had two different names picked out for me. In both names I was named after someone. My birth father told her that he didn’t want me named after anybody so on the day I was born he named me. He gave me the middle name June, after an aunt that I have never met. So to spite him I got another middle name added to my name. Now my middle name is June Ann. The Ann is honoring my grandmother who died before I was born. Apparently I look and act just like her.
I’m off the shot and on the pill now. I’ve been taking them like I should and now me and Daddy can have lots of fun time. I’m also a lot less moody so I’m getting along with my roommate. I’ve learned that me and her can at least be friends but that’s the most it will ever be. She can never be my best friend again, that’s Daddy’s place now. There’s just too much about her and too much she does that I just don’t like.
Sorry that this is all mixed up and random, I just had to get it out kind of like a diary entry. Hope you like my ramblings.

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