Friday, March 21, 2014

If life is a book, it sure is boring...
Once in a while I get these philosophical thoughts, often powered by things missing in my life or triggered by certain events. I guess I could share them with whoever seems to be listening at the time, save it for future generations or just keep in record for future reflection.
I often read books or play a video game and compare the adventure I have just ‘experienced’ with what I normally see in the real world. My conclusion is, life is boring. I walk around my house, the local town and read the news, sometimes wishing for a Zombie Virus Outbreak, just so SOMETHING would happen. Something that would change my current life and take away the grey of everyday routine. Whenever I read a book and fall in love with the female character in it, I try to imagine myself with her, but with no avail, as she is not real. And I am left in the shadows again, all on my own.
In the past I would write these stories, where I put myself in the shoes of a hero, in a plot where I was faced against huge odds and with little help. In those stories, I would defeat my opponent with some sort of special power or hidden ability that would only appear on the very last minute. But that no longer satisfies me, because it’s not real and will never happen. All I can do is eat my two pieces of toast every morning and grind my teeth in frustration while drinking a cup of bitter-sweet coffee.
I don’t need fame, I don’t need to be a super-hero and I don’t need huge riches. I don’t really care, as long as I can play a part in something important and perhaps save a couple of people on the way.
They say life is a grand adventure, I say its as much of an adventure as a telephone book.

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