Monday, March 31, 2014

we’re all made of chemicals, if you think about it. it would take countless cells to make one person up. everyday those cells change. everyday our brains lose neurons. everyday we wake up a tad bit different from ourselves the day before, and the week or month or year before. i guess that’s why it’s so hard, when people say they hate change, it’s because they know. They know that they’re changing, they can feel themselves changing to the point that it’s to hard to hold on to the idea of them being themselves. if you think back to when you were six to now that your older, do you still know that child that you see from the back of your mind? the one you’ve kept hidden because you were busy growing up? you remember memories, stories that you told yourself. Your past is not the identical version of another person’s past, heck, maybe even your past-self know details of the story that you don’t. like i said we’re all just made up of chemicals.
but it’s weird how a chemical compound can have memories, think about things that would make them feel stuff. it’s weird that we yearn for that connection to someone else. it’s weird that we’ve establish norms thinking that these things would make things a little more clearer, like for some reason rules would cut the bullshit into half. it’s weird how cavemen wouldn’t have reacted negatively to the hurtful words people would say to inflict emotional paint to each other. we made those words and sometimes we use them because it fits for the time being. the chemicals in our bodies pushed us to do so. we cut because we have to. we drink because we crave it. we smoke because we like it. we’re all just clustered chemicals trying to fix ourselves with other chemicals, because we’re hurting. our mind told us we’re hurting, therefore we are. then those who has it figured out, will tell you to take this pill, another chemical compound that’d make you feel better… and then you go numb. even if you try to reminisce you won’t feel anything.

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