Friday, March 21, 2014

Don’t miss the sunsets of your life because you’re too busy to stop and feel fresh air on your back.
Don’t miss the raindrops blessing you as they stream down your face in the heart of the storm because you’re straining to get that train.
Don’t miss the drunken chirping of children giddy on joy while playing because you’re on your phone checking your online status.
Walk the streets of cobberstone barefeet, with daisies in your hair, eyes open wide. 
Arrive a few minutes late for that meeting if you have to but make sure you take in the scent of woodsmoke and wildflowers wherever it arises. Don’t bypass the evergreen fields because you are lost to worrying about things that will never happen. 
And make sure you forget not the stars as you prepare for tomorrow. 
Forget tomorrow and gaze at the stars. 
Do what you can to make time for it all. But don’t let the flurry of busy take you down to Chinatown. 
Don’t leave the natural magic of your every day because of what you hope tomorrow will bring. 
Walk slow. Take it easy. All we really have is now and if we give it the chance it deserves…if we give ourselves the break from busyness we need….it could all be pretty darn perfect.

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