Sunday, March 23, 2014

You are precious.
I know that today, right now, you are alive, you are on Tumblr, and you are in pain. You hide your thoughts behind closed doors and veil your tears with damp shower curtains. You laugh with your friends and smile with your family but behind your eyes there is a whirlwind of turmoil. You don’t know where you’re going with your life, you don’t know why you’re here, and you don’t even know who you are. Well I do. You are precious; a miraculous creation of the maker of the stars. You are loved more than you can even imagine. You are loved even if you don’t know what love is. You are held and treasured with each step, each breath, that you take, even if you can’t feel it. You are the most perfect, beautiful person I know because you have a purpose on this earth; you have a mission to fufil, people to meet, and words to say that will each have incredible meaning. Right now you aren’t sure of anything, but I can assure you that if you can tough it out, there is so much more life ahead. And if you hear nothing else in this moment, remember that you are previous to me.

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