Sunday, March 23, 2014

Everyone Has Their Dark Days
I’m pretty sure everyone has questioned about their death one time or another. It doesn’t mean we’re suicidal. We’re curious beings trying to find answers for our various questions. We are stimulated by interaction but some encounters may be more positive than others. We can take what we get or throw it aside.
There was a period where I thought my body should be part of the car I just totaled. It was my complete and reckless fault. I had no one else to blame. I wallowed in self pity and questioned my existence every waking day prior the collision. My heart broke every time I saw the faces that took care of me or those that knew me. What did they benefit from me? I am nothing more than just a burden. And I thought that if I died right now - there would be a funeral, some tissues, some tears, and that’s that.  And everyday, I had to step into a car and anytime the car seemed to brake too late- my mind would replay the accident. My mind was scattered as the pieces of my car shattered over and over again.
But here I am. I am typing this. I am able to look back because I’m alive now all thanks to my friends, family, and myself.
This. This is for you. You might not see your worth but you are valued. People want to see you happy and breathing.
You should too.

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