Friday, March 21, 2014

I’m fixing myself. You taught me sometimes when life got too stressful you need to take smoke breaks in the girls bathroom and pull yourself together. You taught me how to kiss boys with a ferocity that scares them and completely dazzles them. You taught my to say ‘fuck it’ and just live in the moment even when it gets bad. You taught me to cut off my emotions for a week to worry my mother only to come back fully and do it all over again when I’m hurt. You taught me that I’ll meet boys who will say they care for me (and the occasional girl) but in reality they just want to be able to wear my name like a prize. You taught me with shaking hands at midnight to enjoy the little breezes that passed through your open window that made me shiver. Now that you’re gone I catch myself with my window open and it makes me laugh because it’s funny the things we do.

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