Saturday, March 22, 2014

How old are you?
A little boy and a little girl sat in their second grade class together. “When’s your birthday?” asked the girl. “January 10th” responded the boy. The girl smiled. “Mine is July 14th! You’re going to die first! Ha ha!” The boy smiled back.
A young boy and a young girl are in their 9th grade History class together. “Pair up with someone with a birthday in the oppisite month as your own, students.” the teacher orders. “When’s your birthday?” a boy asked a girl. “July 14th”. “Mine is January 10th! I’m older than you!” The boy laughed. She smiled at him. “Ha ha, you’ll die first!. The boy smiled back.
A young man and a young women sit in a Pyshics lecture. “Psst,” the man signals. “What?” responds the women. “I just turned 21, wanna go to a bar with me tonight?” asks the man. “I can’t. I don’t turn 21 for another 6 months”. “I’m older than you!” teases the man. The women smiled at him. “Ha ha! You’re gonna die first!” The man smiled back.
A man and a women are together in their living room. “I’m getting old.” says the women. “I’m older!” says the man. The women smiled at him. “That means you’ll die first!” The man smiled back.
An elderly man and women are together. The women smiles at him, failing to hold back tears. “I guess I was right…” sighs the women. She smiles at him as she walks away from the stone slab. The man cannot smile back.

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