Monday, March 31, 2014

I feel like I’m totally different than people seem to see me. I seem to be the happy, funny and self-confident girl that can’t be mad at anybody.. But in fact, I’m not confident at all. I am very insecure about myself and I do not feel very comfortable in my own skin. I often feel like I do not show my true self to others. I do laugh a lot but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any problems. It’s just that I’m not the kind of person who complains all the time about their problems. I don’t trust people easily. Sometimes I wish there was just one person who sees the real me and understands my insecurities. And even though I am joking around often and I’m quite a social person I’m very shy. I always have the impression that I’m not good enough for everybody so I don’t even recognize if someone is intrested in me because I don’t feel like I deserve it. And so they give up and find someone different, some other girl that is a bit more flirty and not so difficult to reach.

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