Saturday, March 22, 2014

So, my uncle just came in and said, “So, uh,…who are you dressing up as again?..” (Talking about Cosplay)
"Um….Loki…Teen Loki"
"But he’s a guy." 
"You’re a girl, you should dress up as a girl character." 
"I don’t want to." (Keep in mind I’ve spent a lot of money and time on this Cosplay already)
"Fine, you can go as him this one time, but next time, be like, a warrior princess or something." And walked out.
He’s said crap like this a million times in the last 3 days he’s found out I’m cosplaying as Teen!Loki. And frankly, it’s ticked me off. I don’t want to be a damn Princess. I don’t want to be a girly character. I don’t want a low cut shirt and dress, No. I want to dress up as my favorite Character, which happens to be a male. I am not comfortable with being in a girly cosplay, considering that they are usually reveling and such. JUST BECAUSE I AM A GIRL, DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T COSPLAY A MALE CHARACTER! That’s the same as being like, Oh look! I’ve made this car all by my self! It took me a long time and I’m proud of it!
Only to have some one come up to you and say, “Oh, no, you can’t drive that. It’s the wrong model.” 
I’ve tried to tell him that TONS of girls cosplay as male characters, but he just interrupts me and keeps going on about how I’m wrong. He’s never seen any cosplay pictures, nor has he been to a con. He has no right to try to make me dress up as something I’m uncomfortable with, and frankly, it hurts. He says he loves me no matter what, only to turn around and try to pull that stunt. He wonders why I don’t tell him what I’m doing half the time. 
Sorry, I’m ranting. I’ll go now, maybe work on my costume, order some things, and listen to music to calm down. 

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