Sunday, March 23, 2014

I could never not care about the kids like me. 
I see so many turn a blind eye to the underdogs. 
The kids never loved , the kids not wanted. 
But those kids , the ones who are walking shadows,
They are the most beautiful, the kindest , but no one gives them the time of the day. so what do they do ? 
They get worse , I got worse. 
I would see them crying in the hallways during class , 
I would smell smoke from the bathroom stall. 
I would hear their silent cries. It broke my heart. 
So I am done. 100% finished with this. 
I am sorry for all the boys and girls who ever teased you , the ones that laugh behind your back , the ones who hate you. 
They are wrong. Only the unloved hate , and you aren’t unloved. 
If I have breathe in my lungs and blood in my veins you will be loved eternally. I will give you the love I never received , I will give you the shoulder to cry on , the friend you need, the hand you deserve to go,d when your scared. 
If you have ever cut , every popped pills for depression , every burned , every done drugs to save yourself , from that last option. I understand that you aren’t these stupid, weird kids begging for attention. I understand that you are weak. I will help you get strong again. I will stay up until the sun comes up , to talk to you if you need that person to talk too. 
You are perfect , you are infinite. I will always believe in you , when the world won’t.

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