Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five positives
(I hate that the last post had such negative context)
1.  My sister’s boy came out of brain/spinal surgery great!  It’ll be sometime before it’s possible to see if the surgery corrected the problem.  The staples up and down the 14 month old neck were a bit disturbing.  They had to remove a piece of his skull as well.
2. My kids are all old enough to make it to the bathroom, mostly when they are sick as well.  This is a huge improvement over the years past when sickness hit. 
3.  I have a job and I had the ability to go to school—-so I should be thankful for my student loans.
4.  I’ve saved a chunk of change staying in my not so great living environment.  So with that said, I shouldn’t complain about how tight the month to month will be later.
5.  I’ve been able to sleep a lot, since I’ve been so under the weather.  I remember the first day I was sick, I couldn’t even scroll tumblr, because any food posted would make me sick.  So I can also tolerate looking at food again. 

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