Monday, March 17, 2014

I've learned.
Well, life has taught me so much things lately. Experiences are really the best teacher… Now I can stand with a brighter smile and brighter eyes opened wide!!
I’ve learned that falling in love is like falling on the floor—it always hurts. At least for a girl like me, who is ain’t that pretty. Those boys were giving me a fake happinese, then they left. They’re the most heartless creature I’ve ever wanted in this world. They flew me to the sky then dropped me to the cold hard ground… (well it’s too dramatic I think) but yes, they did it. Those nights I waste my tears and my time to sleep, overthinking and crying and flashback-ing about the happy moments I’ve shared with that boy, but why in the end he abandoned me like this!? It’s a little bit depressing, if you can feel me
But last few days I start to realize I shouldn’t cry over little dumb unimportant things, and I must face my exams with a big smile and a high spirit!!! >_<)9 And yesterday I started to watch old animes (well ignore it) and there’s a girl named Ayuzawa Misaki (now you can figure out what anime it is!!!)she seems doesn’t care about feelings or love or a boy’s attention because he hates men…….. And it’s because of her father who left her family when she was a child.

I feel like I’ve got slapped in my face, when I realize something that isn’t really related but has a little connection to this quote: “Those who are heartless, once cared too much.”
Hey, I cared too much when he doesnt even care about me, didn’t I?
So I think the best way is to forget him and all the memories and pains I’ve been through, and start a new page. I think being heartless is awesome, you don’t have to feel hurt or breathless you can just live your life like hello people I don’t give a shit anymore!!
And here starts a better life….. I wish.
I took a little time to decide about it—I will try to not fall in love so easily.
I hope I won’t fall in love with the wrong person anymore…. I know they left because they’re not in God’s divine plans for me….. maybe?

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