Monday, March 10, 2014

Just watched last nights coven and did anyone else notice what i did during Cordelia’s vision? 
She comes up on Maddison and her throat is cut again. I think her throat sort of eludes to the fact that she could never shut up and she was always running her mouth.
Then there is Zoey and she gets impaled through her heart. She was the only one who had true love. with Kyle.
Misty died on the piano. Stevie’s music was the only thing she lived for practically and she died on a piano.
Queenie got that shit shoved into her mouth into her head. Sort of like the bullet she was so proud of surrviving and also like how she said she was always replacing food with love.
Delia got shot in the head. Fiona told her just seconds before she had all the power inside her and it was all hers. But she could never get over how her mother was the Supreme and that fact and the way her mom treated her made her feel worthless. So in a way her head and what she thought was always screwing her up. 
I mean damn. that was good though. clever as fuck. i love these writers.

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