Saturday, March 8, 2014

Worst part of day
To me worst part of day to me is stepping on weight at the morning and waiting on deathly number on it. I still sometimes start sobing and sometimes I even regret of reovery that gave me some pounds up, which I’m not able to put down again - not all of them. I must be honest that I miss seeing my bones so easily…this number at morning always reminds me, that I’m loosing, but it doesn’t matter now. I wanted to talk about how much he changed me in this way. Like ok I had 2morepounds (1kg) than yesterday morning.
To many people it’s nothing, to me it’s terrible. It means I’ve ate to much, I’ve excersiced to little. Damn calories.
But sooner, I’d be depressed all day, now after 45 minutes, I feel better. I know that he will come back from visitin’ his mother and we’ll be togerther again. I can’t wait to see him!!! He’s so good to me that he won’t tell me all of those nice things he always do, and it wil make me feel even better. Baby.
Maybe he will even come to pick me up from school, ah that would be beautiful. Ok, stop dreaming Andrea. O:)
I just want to tell you that…it won’t be good, but I can promise you that if you hold on…it’ll be better. So hold on. Stay Strong. Do it for your self. Do t for love of your life, even if you hadn’t meet it yet. 

xx Andie

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