Monday, March 10, 2014

You know, I have gone through a lot of shit in my life and I have never trusted any of my friends 100% cause I know one day, we’re all going to die and a personality is not going to matter. That is why I try to act as cool as possible when mad or sad or anything in front of anyone; they don’t know my life problems while they give me their problems instead. I mean, I’m not mad about that, I like helping people. Sometimes I’m crappy at it and sometimes I’m not… but when I tell you my problems, you act like shit. You don’t know how to comfort someone cause everybody is almost lifeless; they are just in existence to become smart, go to college, get a life , get married, have kids, die. They are not meant to aid people while some are still lacking in school and trying to fucking help people for no reason. I am not as mad as not being invited to a stupid Sweet 16, but the fact that my friend was mad at me for no apparent reason. While I’ve helped her everyday and stayed after fucking day at school and helping her with shit, she just walked away angry and mad at me for no reason. No help at all, life is about karma and givebacks isn’t it? The girl and her crew are still pieces of shit for having this wonderful super close sweet 16 while she didn’t even invite her two best friends from 1st grade. Her popularity and reputation has overwhelmed both her senses and her dumb idiotic fucking brain who doesn’t even push forward but just follows her mom’s dumbs rules. It’s both devastating to know that both your friend who you thought would invite u to everything along with useless friends who don’t help. I try my best to care the most for my friends, why do I deserve to just be ignored and hopeless. 

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