Monday, March 10, 2014

 noticed an article on this site about black-eyed kids. It suggests that they may be a hoax. I do not know about kids, but I do know that for a short period of time I was a black-eyed person.
In the last week of October, 2012, in a small town in Kentucky, my husband rushed me to the hospital when he noticed that I was turning blue and purple. When I got to the hospital, the doctors said that it was completely impossible for me to be up and talking. At this point I became very tired, but still very aware of what was going on around me. My heart was unable to pump blood throughout my body.
To me, I was having the most wonderful experience that one could ever imagine -- out of my body. I was wearing my favorite Levi's 501 jeans, cowboy boots, and my Stetson with a white T-shirt. I was walking in a vast white light that was warm and so bright that it shined all the way through me and made my skin appear to be made out of diamonds.
Later, however, when I got home from the hospital, my husband gave his version of what was happening at that time. He stated that my eyes turned completely black, as if I had two black holes in my head. I cannot describe all the things that he described I had done as they are most vulgar in nature. But I can tell you that during this time he said that I hurt two medical staff, cursed out many people, and the entire time the doctors continuously stated that this was impossible.
I even heard them many times say, "I do not understand how she is up and talking. This is impossible." I remember the last thing before I went out into the white light, telling the doctor if he thinks there is a such a thing as impossible, then he must not have a God and he must find his God. After that is when I went into the white light.
For me, it was the beginning of a wonderful experience. For my husband and the entire hospital, it was impossible and very scary. No one knew how I had enough strength to talk much less the strength to take on several medical members in a fight.
The doctors rushed me into surgery, and during surgery was no better. I woke up three times to question and argue with medical staff while I was on the operating table. As I told my husband, I was not there. That was someone else. I left to go to the white light because there was no pain there. To this day, doctors cannot figure out how it is that I am alive, or how I could have possibly done all of the things that I did while I was a black-eyed person.

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