Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Anon, are you okay? Because I feel like going all Ian Duncan on you, thus screaming, “Houston, we’ve got an idiot.”
Let’s get some facts straight: Bill met Minnie in 1934, when he was already divorced twice. They made two movies that year, if my memory serves me correct. They liked each other immediately. Yet, nothing happened.
Now, I’m not an expert on Minnie’s life story (I still haven’t read these two books lying in my flat about her, but for the sake of the argument, I assume there were times when those two were singles at the same time)
Bill met Jean, they got together, Minnie loved them both. Jean died, Minnie and Bill continued their professional relationship, nothing happened.
Bill fell ill, Minnie visited him, but wasn’t as close to him as Carole. He got better, he came back, they made more movies together. He was alone. Nothing happened.
1940. Minnie and Bill have known one another for 6 years, made like what 5, 6 films by that time - they were friends, AMAZING friends, they thought the other person was attractive, but NOTHING HAPPENED. Now, Bill meets Diana. At Minnie and her husband’s house. Three weeks later he marries her.
He’s had 6 years to ask Minnie out, yet he couldn’t wait a month to marry Diana.
Oh my God, is that possible that HE FELL IN LOVE???
Now, I’ve got a friend. He’s an amazing person, we’ve known each other for 14 years and there were times when we would be very, very close, but never NEVER in a romantic kind of way. I’ve got this crazy theory that it’s possible to be friends with an opposite sex and not land in bed. I know, it’s insane and hard to grasp.
Besides, shipping real people is kinda spooky, you know? You can love the characters, ship them all you want, but don’t impose your beliefs upon other people. You don’t get to decide who falls in love with whom. You just don’t.
So, no, Diana did not steal Bill from Myrna. She was an amazing friend, who accepted and supported his choices and who knew that their affair would endanger their professional relationship, and who knew that they were too different to make it.
Get out of my face now.

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