Monday, March 10, 2014

If Anyone Really Cares
I didn’t expect to get this much attention but judging by what is liked, I’m going to assume that my nude edits are the main attraction.
I will try to do some more but the main thing is that I have been met with some resistance by the original artists. Presently, many of the artists have Deviantart galleries, tumblrs, twitters, etc. They generally don’t like to see their work nude-ified. It’s not like they can’t know about it. Usually they will find it on their own or one of their followers will bring it to their attention.
It’s kind of a tricky place I’m in in terms of figuring which I can edit and which I shouldn’t touch. I have contacted artists to get their permission but that hasn’t really worked out at all, either.
All that doubt kind of ruins the fun of doing this. It’s not like this is specifically popular. I mainly did it out of boredom (I go by Was Bored on /pco/ and paheal) but negative repercussions really spoil some of the fun.
I’m not one to blubber about his problems and bore people with it but if there is any kind of help that can be offered on this, I would appreciate hearing it.

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