Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I was sitting in my Italian class today. I’ve taken Italian for the past 4 years, but today I noticed something incredible. There’s this rule that when you use adjectives the word only goes in front of the noun if it pertains to beauty, age, goodness, or size. My teacher was talking about Fat Tuesday. Everyone kept asking if it was ‘martedi grasso’ or ‘grasso martedi’. ‘Grasso’ meaning fat and ‘Martedi’ meaning Tuesday. My teacher kept saying that ‘grasso’ goes after ‘martedi’ because it does not pertain to beauty, age, goodness, or size. It was written into the Italian language that ‘Fat’ does not pertain to beauty, orsize. Neither does ‘skinny’. And when it says size. It is literally comparing ‘small’ as in an ant and ‘big’ as in a car. You can’t call a person ‘big’ in Italian. It doesn’t make sense. And calling a person ‘fat’ isn’t important enough to be in the front. I think that’s incredible. In the Italian language, the words ‘fat’ and ‘skinny’ don’t define beauty. So if a language doesn’t define beauty as fat or skinny, then why does society?

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