Friday, March 14, 2014

Metal is my favorite genre of music I think.
 People always question why I listen to it considering “you can’t even understand what they’re saying”.
 Well the thing about metal is you don’t have to. The vocals aren’t meant to be the main attribute. It’s the harsh instrumentals and the crazy double bass pedals and sick guitar riffs and ahh just everything…
 I think that a lot of people today don’t realize that music isn’t about the lyrics at all. They’re an accessory to the full band. This is why I hate all the popular mainstream bullshit music that so many people are in love with. It’s ALL vocals backed up by generic sounding riffs with no breakdowns, no drops, nothing interesting at all really. Repetitive bridges, lyrics that literally anyone could come up with… all glorified by sex appeal and fame.
Not that a lot of metal bands don’t glorify themselves or become indulged in fame and become sellouts. Really any band/artist has the potential to reach that point in their music career and it’s sad. 
I love the complexity of metal but the artists I respect the most are those who make very simple music that is still able to touch people… like Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, and The Moldy Peaches just to name a few.
Music doesn’t have to be complex and outstanding to be good music. Which sounds contradictory to what I just said about all the mainstream pop music, but the difference there is that it seems to me that many of those artists are in it strictly for the money.
Maybe I’m a music snob but I don’t care.
I don’t like shitty music. 
And maybe I’m an asshole but I have a lot less respect for people who mindlessly listen to mindless music and never gain anything from it besides maybe a beat to twerk to.
Music is life’s greatest gift in my opinion, I hate that it’s just another big fucking million dollar industry that prostitutes people and their music for their own greedy agendas.

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