Friday, March 14, 2014

Old Soul Observational Deck - 50¢ OR Free To Those That Know
Oh spring breeze
your winter shiver 
brings me to my knees 
And now I’m under
a bright street light
1 am and I am
going to get it right 
Bright shine 
reflect off of me 
I’m just a old soul
sent here from eternity
This electricity 
is the same 
that flows 
in me
Can you hear 
your heart
beat beat beat
that’s free
born from the womb
and made of
I’m an old soul
so I count down the years
as the seconds roll 
I have been here before 
I’ve seen battles swords and wars 
I died then 
and now
I live again 
It’s been well over
a 100 years 
since my spirit 
caught the wind
Wind to womb
life to doom 
again and again
Old souls 
know the know 
cause they’ve done this before 
it’s like 
making candy
at the candy store 
It’s never really 
a true chore  
we just don’t 
want to
no more
So I’m here gazing 
into a bright blazing modern light 
lost in wonder 
of this life’s 
modern delight 
I bet my best friend 
from the last life 
would wander 
in the wonder 
of this bright sight 
But I think 
he got to leave
on the
final flight 
We died to together that night 
He was a good man 
full of wisdom and love 
he took the final trip 
somewhere far far far
I caught the wind 
and took flight 
I watch his spirit 
as I faded into the breezy night
his happy eyes 
asked me 
if I was 
I couldn’t feel the pain 
and now I’m here 
and it’s 
a fucking 

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