Saturday, March 8, 2014

So i have been trying to right this all day but it never comes out right like i want to die each and everyday still but i’m glad i did not die. Okay so today 12 month ago was not my first or last suicide attempt but the closest i have come to dying and i more then likely would of if it was not for an amazing person who encouraged me to tell my mother what i had done then yeah a few hours latter and i might have died. I have moments where i regret telling her a lot but then i started to think, all of the best things in my life happened after all of this happen also some of the worst thing but i am trying to focus on the good. 
If i had died i would have never meet an amazing group of people including my best friend at an al time low concert, i would have never got to meet Jack Berakat or got to see All Time Low live. I would have never gotten to see bring me the Horizon or Of Mice & Men play live. I would have never gotten to go to Soundwave which was the best day of my life i would have never met Brandon Urie, A Day to Remember, Suicide Silence, Breath Carolina, or the amazing girls i also met in the streets of queen st mall.
They say hold on it gets better you just have to hang in there, I never believed anyone but it did get margin better in just 12 months, i have a best friend who i could never hurt and gives me strength to carry on each day i met and saw some of my favorite bands and i would have never imagined these things could happen but they did. It might not be tomorrow or a in a months time or even years but it dose start to get better eventually one day you will find something or someone to breath for until you can do it for your self. Please hang in there. I love you all and my ask is always open anon or not if you need anything i am here for you guys. please don’t ever give up. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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